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Dear Guests,

First of all, we would like to thank for your interest in Venezia Upholstery Leather

Our company was founded in 1997 and its main business is upholstery leather. Our primary principle is to provide the best service to our customers with an experienced staff in the technology of tannery and leather processing who follow the newest developments in the world.

We also provide materials, machinery, chemicals and technical support to tanneries.

We are also in service of Turkish Furnishing Sector, architectural and decoration services and Turkish Leather Industry with all our scientific researches and developments.

On our website, you can have information on the following subjects: general information on upholstery leather (furniture, car, plane, yatch) ; general information on natural leather; general information on technical properties, usage, preservation and cleaning, and after sales service kits of leathers in our collections. The leathers in our collection are carefully chosen among the most qualified and the best leathers of Italy by our experienced staff.

We add new leather colors and new kinds of leather each day to our collection and our collection is being brought up to date all the time.  
You can contact us whenever you like for every kind of question or problem.
We will be serving you with all our staff.

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