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In this section, the process of leather production is being introduced only by definition and general information.


Rawhide is a product which is obtained as a side-product during meat production. In order not to have cuts and holes on the leather, special knives are used. 


The leather should be salted after a short cooling period in order to prevent the microorganisms to harm leather’s protein. This is especially important if the raw leather will not be processed immediately. By this way, the leathers can be preserved longer, otherwise the resistance of the leather decreases.


Liming  is a process in which  several layers are seperated from the leather sheet and the fibrous tissue is prepared for the next process, the tanning. This process has got different methods.


The role of the tanning is to seperate the fibres from each other and bind the bunches of fiber mutually. By this way, the leather gains strength. The tanned leather is not affected by microorganisms and it is resistant to heat. During this process, the leathers are splitted in the splitting machine. This is called UNHAİRİNG and it helps to obtain the same leather thickness in every single spot of  the leather.   PROCESSES are the ones that are applied to the tanned, splitted and  unhaired.According to the type of the leather, the following things can be expected from the dyeing process; light fastness, perspiration , fastness, and washing fastness. After that, the leather is dried according to the characteristics of the end product. One or more of the following methods are used during the drying process;hanging drying or vacuum


FINISHING: Finishing process is organised from the leather according to the application characteristics of the end product. The coloring of the finishing  sheet is done with either pigments of aniline paint. 
The Roles of the Finishing Process:

  1. Protecting the leather’s surface from the external effects. 
  2. Obtaining a smooth appearance with different brigthness degrees. 
  3. Obtaining the fashion characteristics on the leather. 
  4. Increasing the use value of the leather.
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